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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What happened to Andy's site
A: [His site was hacked.  Nobody is sure who hacked the site...most likely someone not associated with the weather community.  It was an unfortunate by-product of spammers/hackers.]

Q: [Will you add additional high risk days?]
A: [It took me almost a year to bring the site back - as you see it now.  I first raised the issue with Andy about six months ago.  I have been pulling other information together for awhile now.  I had to rework all of the HTML and pull information off of the way back machine site.  I will add additional high risk events to the 2004-2008 archive.  It will take some time.  I am looking for additional links and information on all of the high risk events (especially the early ones.]

Q: [Why did you bring the site back?]
A: [This project was a labor of love for the historical records of high risk days, severe weather outbreaks, and the history of the Storm Prediction Center.  There are so many good men and women that work at the different NWS Offices/Storm Prediction Center/other.  This site will allow weather enthusiasts to look back over some of the major outbreaks and busts.]

Q: [Do you think the site will ever be interactive or allow registered users to add information?]
A: [Yes, it will take some time though.  I am still learning HTML.  The technology is always changing.  Web 2.0 will force people/web-sites to create interactive forums.  Allowing chasers and forecasters to add links would be helpful to me and the site.]

Q: [Do you need more links or chaser accounts?]
A: [Yes, absolutely.  Please contact me through email and let me know if you have chaser links, news stories, maps, or images concerning a particular event.  I will add the information as it is sent to me.

Q: [I see several high risk days that are missing...why?]
A: [I am not aware of any dates (other than the ones mentioned above) that are missing.  If you know of a particular day that the Storm Prediction Center issues a high risk outlook then please notify me through email.]

Q: [What other events will you be adding to the site?]
A: [As you can see we now have an events section.  The events section will grow over time.  It will include different radar and satellite images of severe thunderstorms, tornadic supercells, hail storms, and other interesting weather phenomenon.  I will try to add as much meteorological information to help educate site readers.]

Q: [Is this a for profit site?]
A: [No.  Neither Andy or myself have made any money off of the information provided on this site.]

Q: [I have a question that I would like to see can I do that?]
A: [Email me the question and I will add it to this page.]